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WideTEK® 44-600

WideTEK® 44 Pricing

Image Access offers the most transparent pricing in the industry, taking the effort out of making a purchasing decision. With only four sheet feed scanner models, Image Access successfully covers all requirements in the market. You will find all products and options on a single page, making it easy to find your solution and ensuring that there are no hidden costs.

In the documents below, you will find pricing for the WideTEK 44 as well as other WideTEK sheet feed scanners and the associated bundles, options and accessories for each scanner. Generally, your best buy will be a bundle if you need accessories and software to enhance your scanner. Configure your scanner and buy what you need. All prices are retail prices, import duties and taxes might increase the price in some countries.

For further information, contact Image Access or your local sales partner.

WideTEK 44 Pricing

WideTEK 44 Pricing