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WideTEK® 36CL MF6

WideTEK® 36CL MF6 Wide Format MFP Scanner Solution - Benefits & Advantages

  • Very few parts, easy to assemble in less than one hour.
  • 17" full HD touchscreen.
  • 64bit Linux PC integrated and all software installed.
    No setup of AIO, Windows10, drivers, scan software etc. necessary.
  • Easy to clean, static free, all stainless-steel paper path.
  • Total cost of ownweship very low due to the fact, that there are no consumables.
  • Production level scanning at 10" per second in full color is possible.
    Competing solutions are only designed for a couple of scans per day.
  • Real network scanning, printer also freely accessible through its own network.
    Assign a valid IP and start scanning and copying.
  • Closed loop color calibration included at no extra cost.
  • Additional software and hardware options allow the scanner to operate with
    next generation Canon and other vendors´ printers.
  • No need to replace the scanner if printer fails or is abandoned.
  • Total cost including setup is lower than almost all competition.