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Bookeye®4 Office

Bookeye® 4 Office Markets & Applications

The Bookeye® 4 Office scanner is a valuable device for the following markets and applications. This list is neither complete nor exclusive, there are more markets and applications than listed and it should be taken only as a general guideline. If you have a specific application that is not listed here, please check with your sales representative.

Bookeye® 4 Office Markets

  • Any office setting
  • Libraries
  • Archives
  • Universities
  • Information Facilities

Bookeye® 4 Office Applications

  • Digitizing/archiving office documents such as (but not limited to) order confirmations, invoices, delivery notes, etc.
  • Scanning newspapers, periodicals, catalogs and magazines
  • Digitizing files from file folders
  • Digitizing bound and stapled documents like contracts, accounts and documentation
  • Preserving books and sensitive historical documents