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November 30, 2021
World´s Fastest UV, VIS, IR, 3D and Backlight Flatbed Scanner in A3+ (12” x 18”) Format

The WideTEK® 12-SPECTRUM scanner captures images faster and more accurately than many much higher priced lab instruments. This backlight flatbed scanner captures objects under ultraviolet (UV) at 365nm, visible light (VIS) as well as the infrared (IR) contrast of objects under IR light at 850nm in formats up to DIN A3+ (12” x 18”). Read all details in our Scan2Net News Flash.

September 16, 2021
The Best in Book Scanning - Bookeye 5 Automatic

The latest additions to the 5th generation line of Image Access book scanners, the Bookeye 5 V3A/V2A Automatic are the perfect solution for automated high end digitization of books, magazines, posters, folders, or bound documents of all kinds. Completely redesigned to meet the latest technological standards and to comply with the strictest environmental standards, it offers unsurpassed image quality paired with simple operation, a modern design, and literally maintenance-free operation for all professional applications. Read all details about the new scanner in our Scan2Net News Flash.

June 10, 2021
Introducing WideTEK 24F - The Revolutionary New Flatbed from Image Access
While the nearest competitor needs 18 seconds for a full scan at 600dpi, the WideTEK 24F completes the same scan in 4 seconds and then, just one second later, it has already performed image cleanup, compression and transfer to anywhere in the network. As always with Image Access scanners, the PC is included inside the scanner and the scanner is fully functional without any costly external software running on an additional PC. Read all details about the new scanner in our Scan2Net News Flash.

February 16, 2021
Is It a Scan or Just a Picture? Watch Our Video to See Why It Matters

If youve ever wondered what the difference is between a picture and a scan, this latest video will explain it to you in detail. Why does it matter? The answer is simple: huge differences in quality.

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