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Energy Efficiency of Scan2Net Scanners

All Scan2Net-scanners manufactured by Image Access, whether they are from the Bookeye or the WideTEK family, are highly energy efficient. They all have one feature in common which is the built-in computer. Basically, they are a scanner and a computer in one device and therefore, they do not fall into the device classes specified by ENERGY STAR.
This FAQ lists all the power consumptions of the various Bookeye and WideTEK scanner families.

Assuming our scanners are only a simple scanner rather than a scanner/PC combination, the off-mode and sleep-mode power consumption is compared to the specifications derived from the current ENERGY STAR guidelines. As can be seen, most Scan2Net-scanners consume between 30% and 75% of the maximum power allowed by the agency for simple USB-scanners. If a customer compares these against a competitive product with the need of an external PC, the power consumption for the PC must be added for a fair comparison. If done so, the customer will see that there is almost no other professional scanner/PC combination on the planet that is more energy efficient than any Scan2Net scanner.

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