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PC Hardware and Software Requirements for the Operation of Scan2Net Scanners

This FAQ discusses the hard- and software requirements for scanner operation using a Scan2Net scanner's internal interface or the web based interface.

Image Access scanners are designed to run as standalone devices as well as in a network environment. They can be operated either through their internal ScanWizard interface or through a scan application installed on a server or workstation.

Regardless of how the scanners are operated, a large amount of data may be generated, depending on the size and complexity of a scan, which is transferred to a local or network destination, uploaded to a remote server, sent by email, or sent to a remote printer.

The scanners perform this processing fast and smoothly, provided that other hardware and software components involved in this process do not slow down the workflow. Scan applications such asBatch Scan Wizard or BCS-2 have their own requirements regarding operating system, RAM, CPU.

External scan applications are not discussed here.

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