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WideTEK® 24F-600

Solid, Edge to Edge Glass Top Flatbed Scanner

Large format color flatbed scanner for documents up to 18 x 24"
Scratch resistant glass plate allows scanning of oversized originals 

WideTEK® 24F is the newest addition to the Image Access family of large format flatbed scanners. Incorporating the latest camera technology and illumination techniques, it is not only extremely fast but also scans highly accurately at resolutions up to 1200 dpi but is still an affordable solution.

By far the fastest CIS flatbed scanner on the market, WideTEK 24F completes a full 600dpi color scan of the entire area in less than 4 seconds. During those few seconds, the image is compressed and sent over the network, all while the competitor´s product is still working on its 200dpi scan.  The 1200dpi resolution provides details of the scanned document not even visible to the human eye.

WideTEK 24F features a solid glass plate protecting the scanner from being exposed to dirt and dust, wet ink or paint, or any other objects. Because the glass top extends from edge to edge, it allows scanning of oversized objects and supports thicker objects with the adjustable height of the lid. You can pull up the lid and readjust the stops to a higher position. This way you can scan a canvas or any other thicker object of up to five cm or two inches. The lid can easily be removed completely. The scanning portion of the glass is practically invisible due to its anti-reflection coating. Cleaning is a snap and special treatment for high scratch resistance ensures a long lifetime of the scanning glass.

The color space of the WideTEK 24F is much wider than SRGB and the output can also be set to Adobe RGB or native RGB.  Our unique online ICC profiling eliminates the last remaining imperfections.

The virtual rescan function eliminates the need to physically rescan documents. Almost all scanning parameters can be changed on the fly and the results can be seen instantly on the built-in touchscreen or on the optional external monitor.

The WideTEK 24F flatbed scanner is a real production scanner, built to last with little or no maintenance requirements.

This scanner exceeds all criteria set forth in the FADGI *** guidelines, Metamorfoze Light and ISO 19264-1 level B.