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WideTEK® 48C

Fastest 48 inch Wide Format CIS scanner on the market

The WideTEK® 48C-300 is by far the fastest 48 inch wide format CIS scanner available on the market, running at 6.4 inches per second at 200 dpi in color, 4.3 inches per second at 300 dpi in color and 2.1 inches per second at 600 dpi in color. Grayscale and binary speeds are doubled, but are limited to 10 inches per second at 200 dpi to ensure safe paper handling. All of these speeds are guaranteed due to the Scan2Net technology integrated in the scanner´s own built-in PC.

Users operate the WideTEK® 48C wide format scanner as a true standalone or walk up scanning system, using the large integrated color touchscreen or using any standard web browser. This enables operators to scan directly to FTP servers, USB drives, to cloud applications in the internet or copy to plotters directly, without the need for an extra PC.

Bright White LED Illumination for Sharpest Images, Fastest Speeds

By utilizing an ingenious LED illumination strategy together with three ultra fast dual light CIS modules, the WideTEK® 48C CIS scanner really achieves scanning speeds faster than most competing CCD scanners. At published, proven scanning speeds; the WideTEK® 48C can provide a throughput that when coupled with a wide format printer such as one of the Canon iPF series, enable you to create a single footprint multifunction system at a very affordable price.

Illuminated by more than 1000 LEDs, this CIS scanner produces extraordinarily sharp and crisp images, with color accuracy even superior to many wide format CCD scanners. Document rotation can be done without any penalty, enabling a scan of an E-sized document in portrait mode at 400 dpi color in 15 seconds. The same scan in 400 dpi turbo quality mode takes only 8 seconds.

Gentle Production Scanning with State of the Art Transport System

Another feature defining the WideTEK® 48C wide format scanner as a quality production device is the unique four wheel drive transport system, with rugged transport drums designed to ensure an extremely gentle paper transport while avoiding slip and skew of the source document. The high quality rubber transport drums are generally only found in more expensive wide format CCD systems. In addition to its intelligent transport system, the WideTEK® 48C also features a robust stainless steel paper guide, with a textured surface designed to prevent documents from sticking to the scanning bed - again reducing slip, skew and paper jams and improving your production throughput.

Image Access also has eliminated the need to frequently exchange expensive glass plates, something that is required with most other CIS scanners. The unique glass plate/pressure drum design guides the paper across the glass flat without actually touching it. This means no scratches and no replacements required.

The WideTEK® 48C wide format CIS scanner is one of the smallest, most lightweight wide format scanners worldwide. The scanner´s width is only 56 inches while it transports 48 inch documents. The weight, at 79 pounds, makes it ideal for facilities management applications and transport to remote sites.