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Newsletter 2016

Scan2Net News Flash -- December 14, 2016
News Flash: Happy Holidays from Image Access! Have You Opened a WideTEK Bundle Yet?

Image Access would like to wish you, your family and your friends a very happy holiday season and a healthy and successful New Year 2017!
Instead of sending traditional holiday greeting cards, Image Access has chosen to donate €2,000 to Doctors without Borders, an organization we highly respect for their endless dedication to helping people in dangerous, life threatening situations.
Have you opened your package yet? WideTEK 36CL Standalone or Bundled. Image Access is pleased to announce the introduction of the WideTEK 36CL wide format CIS scanner. In addition to offering the scanner as a standalone solution, Image Access offers three scanner bundles, tailored to suit your business needs.

Scan2Net News Flash -- July 27, 2016
News Flash: Image Access with Bookeye and WideTEK scanners at IFLA

As in past years, Image Access GmbH will again exhibit a selection of high quality scanning solutions equipped with the unique Scan2Net® technology at the 82nd IFLA General Conference. The exhibition, which accompanies the IFLA General Conference, (82nd IFLA World Library and Information Congress) will be held from August 14-17, 2016 in the Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC) in Columbus, Ohio in USA. Conference participants are invited to visit Image Access at booth C101.

Scan2NetInfo -- The Enhancements Issue, July 2016
Scan2NetInfo: The Enhancements Issue

New generation 4 camera in WideTEK® and Bookeye® scanners, new displays and touchscreens, new option Scan2OCR etc. Scan2OCR is an optional software function which allows the user to scan in job mode and to OCR the entire page or multiple pages scanned, using multipage PDF mode.

Scan2Net News Flash -- July 13, 2016
News Flash: Image Access comments on false claims in recent Contex mailing mentioning the WideTEK 25 Flatbed scanner

In a recent Contex mailing, the WideTEK 25-600 flatbed scanner was compared to the HD iFlex. Unfortunately, the comparisons are false and just don´t make sense. Read the full News Flash and understand the truth about the Contex marketing hype.

Scan2Net News Flash -- March 10, 2016
Image Access adds 4K displays to their largest planetary scanner models

The Bookeye 4 planetary scanners for formats more than DINA1 will ship equipped with the latest 4K screens featuring a resolution of 3840 * 2160. The 27 inch screens have a resolution of more than 160dpi and produce extremely sharp and crisp images, with very high color accuracy.

Scan2NetInfo -- CeBIT Edition, March 2016
Scan2NetInfo CeBIT Edition

Visit Image Access at CeBIT in Hall 3, Stand E20. Learn more about the WideTEK® and Bookeye® scanners, as well as product developments and trends. Get hands on experience scanning transparent material and other demanding large format documents.

Newsletter 2015

Scan2Net News Flash-- September 10, 2015
News Flash:
New Video - Bookscanner Comparison of Scanner and Camera Dimensions

Watch this compelling video to see a quick comparison of the A2 and A3 book scanners currently available and see why Bookeyes are the most compact book scanners on the market.

Scan2Net News Flash-- September 10, 2015
News Flash: WideTEK 25 Backlight Unit

For digitizing transparent material of all kinds, like X-rays, glass negatives, 35mm microfilm aperture cards, cutout stencils, sepias and film; an optional backlight unit has been developed for the WideTEK 25-600 flatbed scanner.

Scan2NetInfo -- July 2015
Scan2NetInfo July 2015 Edition

The 81st IFLA General Conference takes place in South Africa in the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 16 to 19 August and Image Access is pleased to welcome you to our booth C105. Our focus will be on our successful Bookeye 4 book scanner product family. We will present the following products and developments: Bookeye 4 V2 Professional Archive and Bookeye 4 V3 Kiosk.

Scan2NetInfo -- CeBIT Edition, March 2015
Scan2NetInfo CeBIT 2015 Edition

Not only does Image Access have new products and developments to show at the 2015 CeBIT but the CEO, Thomas Ingendoh has a very compelling message for the market. You will definitely want to read this edition of the Scan2Net Info Newsletter.

Newsletter 2014

Scan2NetInfo -- March 2014
Scan2NetInfo CeBIT 2014 Edition

Read our CeBIT 2014 edition of the newsletter and learn about the new scanners and new technological designs in both the WideTEK® and Bookeye® product families, all of which will be exhibited at the 2014 CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany from March 10-14, 2014. In Image Access´s largest exhibition space ever at CeBIT, in Hall 3 Booth E20, visitors can experience the new scanners and solutions firsthand.

Newsletter 2013

Scan2NetInfo -- October 2013
Scan2NetInfo October 2013
Read the October 2013 edition of our newsletter, Scan2NetInfo for news about the latest addition to our large format CIS scanner family, about how the Bookeye videos were filmed on location in Cologne, Germany and for useful information surrounding professional large format scanning solutions.

31. July 2013
Image Access at IFLA 2013
Several members of the Bookeye® scanner family will be demonstrated at IFLA such as the new Bookeye 4 V1A , a production scanner for digitizing originals up to A1 + size and also the A2 book scanners Bookeye 4 Kiosk and Bookeye® 4 Professional

February 27, 2013
CeBIT 2013 is ready to open its gates in Hannover.
CeBIT 2013 is ready to open its gates in Hannover: Image Access will introduce a completely new family of scanners which has evolved from the world´s best overhead book scanner, Bookeye® 4.
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